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PDX-UX meeting (9/29)

In case you're not already aware, the PDXRIA user group has recently gone through a few changes.  Previously the group had focused primarily on ColdFusion and Flex.  The group is now called PDX-UX, has a new user group leader, and has a new focus (as outlined below).

Hello All,

I'm here to announce some changes to this group. If you saw this message on the PDX RIA Yahoo Groups site you can ignore this.

Simeon has passed on management of the group and with the management change the group itself will be changing quite a bit. In some ways, the PDXRIA group is going away and a new group is starting up: PDX-UX.

"The PDX-UX user group is located in Portland, OR. Our members share their experiences and knowledge around designing and developing next generation user interfaces and user experience. PDX-UX meets on the third Thursday of the month at Thetus Corporation’s office."

What does this mean?

The new group is sponsored and managed by Thetus (where I work). The work of managing the group is done by myself and Sarah Allen (another Thetus employee). Most of the meetings will be held in a very nice, new Thetus space in downtown Portland.

The group is no longer focused mostly on Adobe technologies but on user interface design and development, with an emphasis on development. We will cover any and all related topics no matter the platform. Over the coming year we hope to have presentations on design techniques, HTML5, data visualization, and language and platform specific tools and libraries. We will be focused PRIMARILY on client specific topics, but client related server-side stuff is a possibility.

The group will be hosted on Google Groups.

For those of you who have been members since the PDX CFUG days, ColdFusion is not likely to be covered. For those of you who are Flash/Flex developers: those will most likely be covered. We will keep this Adobe group site as long as we still qualify as an Adobe Group.

Ryan Miller

I know Ryan, he's a good friend and will do a great job with this group.  So why does this matter to you?  Because tonight is their first meeting and it's going to be a show and tell of different apps with different designs built by different companies.  I'll be there showing off two apps, the first is the RunPee app built for Windows Phone, and the second is that same app rebuilt in Metro and running on a Windows 8 slate.  Exciting, eh?

The meeting is tonight from 5:30 to 7:00pm at Thetus Corporation in downtown Portland (map).  Food and drinks will be provided, hopefully I'll see you there!

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