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Surface is here!

Pre-Order Availability

Even if you're not a MS fanboy, you have to admit there's been lots of excitement around the Microsoft Surface ever since it was first announced in June. As of this morning it is now available for pre-order with delivery by October 26th. Woot!

There's been plenty of speculation about the price point for the Surface and the new cover that doubles as a keyboard. If you ask me, $499 is the sweet spot and the pricing seems about right. Am I offended at paying extra for the cover/keyboard? Not really. Apple has laid the groundwork for getting consumers used to paying more for accessories. Would I love to see it cheaper? Absolutely. Is this a price point that will stop me from purchasing it? Not a chance. Will I opt for the larger hard drive? Why would I when I can throw in a Micro SD card?

FYI, I've already pre-ordered mine (32GB w/ cyan cover).


Screenshot with Pricing Details

Pre-Order Surface with Windows RT


What about the Surface Pro?

There's a few questions people have about whether they should get the Surface RT or wait for the Surface Pro (expected Q1 of 2013). I don't have the time to wade through and help you make that decision right now. Luckily there are spec sheets and summaries that can help you make that decision. Most people will be be fine with an RT. Since I won't be using the Surface to replace a laptop or desktop, I don't see the need for a Pro version for myself (at least, not right now).



There's going to be lots of advertising around the Surface, and I expect we'll see a Super Bowl commercial or two in February. This first commercial looks pretty sweet. It definitely has an Apple-esque feel to it.  I really like where this is heading. Lots of people will continue to be critical and claim Microsoft is doing something wrong and missing an opportunity here. Personally I can't wait to see all the sales records that will be broken. My money is on the Surface being a faster selling device than the Kinect (Bing results on Kinect success). This my friends, is a gamechanger.


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