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Helium - 27" Multi-Touch Monitor / Coupon Code

First things first, this is not an all-in-one, it's a 27" multi-touch monitor designed expressly for Windows 8. It's like a big Samsung Slate, only better. Developers will absolutely love this. I got the chance to use it for a couple weeks while building Windows 8 apps and I love it. After using the Helium I absolutely regret the HP TouchSmart monitors that I've purchased in the past 6 months. Be sure to check out the video at the bottom.

I took the Helium up to a Windows 8 Unleashed event in Seattle on September 28th and there was lots of excitement from developers about this device. One thing I noticed was if I brought up My Computer settings I could see that Windows 8 was recognizing the display and saying it was capable of 64 touch points. Whoa. So then I opened some drawing apps to see if that was true. One app I tried tried was stuttering with 2 touch points, but another was running like a champ with 30 touch points (3 sets of hands). Once I found someone to add another set of hands (40 touch points) then I started seeing some stuttering. Apparently my Samsung Slate from last year's BUILD conference is not as strong as I thought it was. :)

BTW, this works absolutely great for Windows Phone development. I'll be sure to write up another review and screenshots of that experience after I get back from BUILD.

I could honestly see having one of these in the kitchen where my kids are already using a PC for their homework. It's just so much more efficient to use, because sometimes you just really don't want to sit and use the keyboard and mouse.


Planar Helium - 27" Multi-Touch Monitor

Planar Helium - 15° Incline

Planar Helium - 70° Incline

Planar Helium - lying flat

Planar Helium - Windows 8

Planar Helium - 64 Touch Points

$200 off coupon code

These things have been selling like crazy and are on back-order until December 6th.  My friends at Planar are trying to help developers out by providing a special coupon for devs.  If you order it now and use the code WHITE - you'll get $200 off.


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