Portland Startup Weekend - Recap

Last weeked I participated in the the Portland edition of Startup Weekend.  I didn't have an idea that I was already working on, so I went for the experience and a chance to network with others in the Portland startup scene.  I had an absolute blast and will definitely be attending it next year.

My team didn't win the Portland event, instead that honor went to a team with a product called taggrThey had an absolutely amazing idea.  You should definitely check out their website and watch this 90-second video which explains what tagger is.  Wow.

My team had an idea on helping people buy and sell parking for game day events.  I've uploaded a video showing off the Windows Phone 7 app that I built for the contest.  While we didn't win overall, we did win the award for best demo.  Check out the video below where I give a walkthrough of the app.

Game Day Parking from Silvertail Software.

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