Slides and Examples from PADNUG Presentation on MVVM

Thanks to everyone who showed up and particpated during my MVVM presentation at PADNUG on Tuesday night.  We had a large turnout (80+) and it was a bit intimidating.

The slides and examples are posted at

I can see there's a lot of interest in this topic.  Things are definitely picking up in the industry for work opportunities for using WPF and Silverlight (thanks Win7!).  If you want to learn more about this topic, please download the slide deck and check out the links to additional resources.  Just a word of caution, it's going to take some effort to learn MVVM, so be prepared to invest yourself in it.  Also, I was talking with Erik Mork and others about having a follow-up MVVM presentation as part of the new Portland Silverlight User Group.  Stay tuned for more information regarding that.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By License.

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