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During the PDC10 and the last few days there's been some discussion on the state of Silverlight, and some speculation on what Microsoft may plan on doing with it.  Mary Jo Foley summed it up best:

After I published a blog post last week about Microsoft’s shift in its Silverlight strategy (based on an interview I did at the Professional Developers Conference with Server and Tools President Bob Muglia), there were a lot of concerned and angry Silverlight developers and customers.

Heh, no kidding. Since then a lot has been written on the subject.  Today I shared some of my thoughts with Erik Mork on the Sparkling Client podcast. Listed below are links to the original articles by the key contributors in this story:

More thoughts by key individuals:

Silverlight is not going away, it is and will still be used for the same purposes as before.  Silverlight is the future of application development on mobile devices for the Windows platform.  This discussion has been somewhat interesting, but sadly more just a waste of my time.  I have no desire to speculate or debate this anymore,  Say what you want, I'm very busy doing Silverlight application development for web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

Lastly, please feel free to come to the PDXSLUG meeting on 11/9 and ask Scott Stanfield (CEO of Vertigo) his opinion on the topic (  He’ll be talking about HTML5 in the context of his company being known predominantly for their amazing work in Silverlight.

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Mick N (Gravatar)

Mick N

Hi Kelly,

SteveB's statement may also be worth referencing.
Yeah, I read Steve's statement this morning but didn't include it since it just didn't have much substance to it (e.g. no red meat). You're right, to be complete I do need to include it though. Thanks.
Mick N (Gravatar)

Mick N

Yea, that was all.

I really liked Mike Taulty's post... just finished reading that.

His initial point 2 summed up something I've been wondering myself while watching the circulations, unfortunately only having time to glance over most of it this week.

I keep thinking back to that Silverlight positioning statement released a month or two back (sorry link not handy) and whether anything has really changed from that (wrt Silverlight's future)... maybe I'm missing something important that's been said at PDC since I haven't made time to review it all yet.

I'm just left wondering if there's really all that much going on other than good steps forward on html5 adoption/support (what a lot of people seem to complain for, no?).

Hopefully I haven't overlooked anything important from PDC in thinking along those lines.. planning to make some time for a closer look at it all soon.
I don't know that we're seeing many steps forward on HTML5 adoption, other than the iPad forcing some companies into having a solution to get video to play on that device. Apple, Google, and even Microsoft are positioning themselves and focusing on browser implementation. But because they're not providing any tooling support for the creation of these sites, we're just not yet seeing much adoption in the industry.

I have ZERO inside information, but I'm expecting a big announcement from the IE team at MIX11 which will include the support for tooling.
Mick N (Gravatar)

Mick N

Definitely an interesting space to be watching at the moment. I'll be looking forward to seeing what's next on tooling too.

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