PDX Nerd Dinner (3/30)

The next nerd dinner in Portland is tonight (Tuesday - 3/30) at 6pm in the food court in Washington Square Mall. We'll be eating mall food and discussing WP7, Silverlight, XNA, and whatever else geeks you out.

BTW, if you're thinking of getting started with WP7 development, I recommend first watching the following 2 sessions from MIX before you download and install the tools:

  1. Joe Belfiore: Changing our Game – an Introduction to Windows Phone 7 Series
  2. Charlie Kindel: Overview of the Windows Phone 7 Series Application Platform

On a side note, I tried posting this on nerddinner.com. I added a dinner and then tried searching for it and it isn't there. Has anyone ever been able to post something on that site? Seems like this was more of an idea for the MVC book, rather than something useful that people could use.

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Thanks for asking. :P

Yes, it's very popular and has many dinners. However, looks like there's some kind of subtle encoding problem (edge case?) in the dinner you created. Maybe a character I didn't expect. I'm debugging it now.
I checked the database and it looks like your dinner was never created. Can you give me the details so I can debug your experience? We've got over 1400 successful dinners created, so I want to understand if it was a javascrit thing, a map thing, etc.
I'll shoot you an email with the details.
Unfortunately I cannot replicate my experience right now. I know I didn’t type any unique characters into the description, just something very similar to what I had just entered for http://nrddnr.com/1938.

My experience was that I’d click save and nothing would happen, originally there were validation errors because I was intentionally missing fields, but then I filled them out and there were no more errors, yet still nothing would happen.

I’ll keep posting the dinners there, and if I do experience this again I’ll have better information for you. I'm definitely excited about seeing an OData feed for nerddinner.com.

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