Windows 8 App Factor - Portland (6/7)

In two weeks from this Friday on June 7th there is a FREE Windows 8 App Factor Learn event being put on at the Microsoft PacWest Office located in the Pearl District.  The attendence is capped, so be sure to register now.  I've got a great idea I'm working on for both Windows Phone and Windows 8, so I'm already registered.

You may be asking, what is a Windows 8 App Factor Learn event?  Don't tell anyone, but you can think of it as free consulting to help you start/work on/finish your apps and games for the Windows Store.  I've recently finished an Windows 8 app for children learning to read and will be there sharing and helping folks with In-App-Purchases and Mobile Azure Services.

This will be a fun day of “training and auditions” where you will learn what you need to know, form a team where you can use your skills and compete to win. If you've just had an idea, already been developing for Windows 8, or have been wondering how easy it is to get in on the new Windows app economy then this is for you. Another way to think about this is a type of "founder dating" for Windows 8 entrepreneurs. your dreams.  You can even get free consulting from the local evangelist team (in person or online).

The event runs from 10am-6pm (welcome starts at 9:30am).  Food will be provided.  Hopefully I'll see you there.


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