Mobile Hackathon - Portland (4/6)

This upcoming Saturday (April 6th) there is a hackathon being sponsored by Act-On Software in Beaverton, Oregon (map and directions).  The hackathon is themed around creating a mashup that uses gamification to drive green behavior in the community.  There is a very big emphasis on mobile.

Schedule & Registration

The event starts at 9:30am with Voodoo Doughnuts, and will wrap up around 11:00pm with an awards ceremony.  Yes, awards.  Bring any existing project you have or start from scratch and build a brand new project that uses gamification to drive green behavior in the community.  You have the chance to will $$ for your favorite charity or non-profit, as well as some really cool beer-ware made in Portland, Oregon.

While this event is free, you do need to register in advance in order to help with meal planning and logistics.  Please take the time to register now.

Making you successful with Nokia

I'll be there looking to hack with various folks on Windows Phone.  Don't have a Windows Phone?  No problem, you can borrow one of mine.  I'll be there with an extra Nokia Lumia 920 or two that I'll be loaning out.  I'll also be there talking about Nokia's current offerings for developers, primarily DVLUP and Nokia's Premium Developer Program, but also other not well known features such as Marketing in a Box, Remote Device Access, and Nokia Ad Exchange.

Free Phones for Dedicated Developers

If you're interested in getting a free Windows Phone, or interested in getting a free token to Nokia's Premium Developer Program then make sure you come find me and let's talk.  If you're serious about getting an app built then I can make sure you get hooked up and taken care of, but you've got to be serious (i.e. it's time to be serious about publishing).

Enterprise App Development

I've also been doing some "real" Enterprise App development with Windows Phone.  I'm not talking about faking it like we did in Windows Phone 7.5, I'm talking about real enterprise development and management of apps (e.g. think System Center and Intune).  I'm happy to talk more about this with any of you, I'll be blogging on that in more details in the future.

Windows Store Apps

And yes, I'll be there with my Surface and HP Slate, so if none of you want to do Windows Phone apps but you've got a great idea for Windows Store, then I'll be happy to help you hack out a solution for that.

Making Money

Let's be clear, I'm interested in publishing apps to stores and making money.  That's a big reason why I'm spending so much time in Nokia's programs and offerings.  Microsoft helps with the technical end of getting an app built.  Nokia helps with the business end.

I'm planning on having a lot of fun on Saturday at this hackathon.  Hopefully you are too and I'll see you there.  Please ping me after you register and let's start talking about we're going to build.  Might as well get started now, eh?

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