About Sunshine


Sunshine is my very own blog engine that I'm implementing in ASP.NET MVC. Why do I do this? Because I can. :) No seriously, every other blog engine I've tried has things that I just don't like, things that have prevented me from blogging more frequently. By creating my own blog one side effect should be that I blog more frequently. We'll see if that actually happens. There's a lot for me to still work on, but if you are reading this then there is enough done for me to show off. Let me know what you think.

Once it is finished enough you'll be able to download the source to use as your own, or to reference as a coding sample if you're thinking of hiring me. :)

This site is currently running Sunshine v0.2

Remaining pages to implement for the blog:

  • /date/2009 - all posts during a specific year (paged w/show all option)
  • /date/2009/06 - all posts during a specific month (paged w/ show all option)
  • /date/2009/06/11 - all posts during a specific day (paged w/ show all option)
  • /tags - shows tag cloud (have a small view, but also a large one similar to tafiti)
  • /feed/atom - atom feed of site
  • /author/kelly/posts - all posts by a certain author (paged w/show all option)
NEXT RELEASE ============================== Sunshine v0.3 CSS and Javascript files need to be resourced Engine supports multiple blogs at different websites Recent Posts side block Twitter/Facebook notification of new posts Email notification of new comments capthca for comments Delete a comment (admin) Separate Contact Page link to follow me on twitter as part of the header link to subscribe to my blog log4net - email notification of errors max field length for adding comments tag cloud side block FUTURE RELEASE ============================== Sunshine v0.4 Support Uploading of Files and ability to link to them as a download Adding comments should be done via ajax Display post/comment datestamps in local time Paging of posts when displaying in lists Caching RELEASE NOTES ============================== Sunshine v0.2 - 2009/10/23 Links work in Twitter Status Integrate in TinyMCE Editor IE6NoMore support :) Sunshine v0.1 - 2009/08/27 Create a post Edit a post Delete a post Display all posts Tag a post Display posts by tags Comment on a post Display all comments for a post RSS feed Display most recent tweet TODO Items (unranked): ============================== properly display a page when a post isn't found search across blog entries hava a separate masterpage / side content for home page vs individual post pages display the twitter feed serverside instead of via jquery (?) admin master pages and separate look and feel Calendar control displaying links for posts on certain days. Ability to add multiple authors to blog Upcoming.org integration w/events Display code snippets on a website Easily display pictures Easily display video Easily display embedded Silverlight Easily display embedded YouTube, etc Integrate with Virtual Earth Integrate with Messenger Integrate with SmugMug Integrate with Live Services (Bing) Separate website to manage all blogs Profile page having links to Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook/etc. Add 404 missing page errors. Users can edit comments after posting for up to 15 minutes. Ability to add latitude and longitude to each post for geo targetting Add weekly twitter summary page Consider adding in redirect urls to handle common 404 errors (testing will reveal which ones should be added) if no posts are visible during a specific date, display that instead of a 404. make start and end years dynamic (copyright) include ads in rss feed similar to what rob conery and hanselman do MetaWeblog API to integrate with LiveWriter http://www.metaweblogapi.com/ http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb259697.aspx http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb259702.aspx http://nayyeri.net/blog/implement-metaweblog-api-in-asp-net/ Inspiring BLOGS ============================== http://www.danielvogt.info/ http://visionmasterdesigns.com/tutoral-display-noof-rss-readers-using-feedburner-api-and-php-curl/ INSPIRATION AFTER THE FACT ============================== http://blog.wekeroad.com/blog/be-a-good-jedi-build-your-own-blog/ CONTINUE READING AT PAGE 89 OF MVC BOOK, CHAPTER ONE